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This space. It makes me take a deep breath when I walk into the room. And believe me, with this kid this lovely of a room is a TOTAL requirement. He gets the hardest baby ever award. But his room is pretty sweet.



Before he came, when there was still hope he’d be calm and delightful, that’s exactly the kind of room I wanted for him. Soothing. Neutral and oh so lovely.


Like all of the inspiration in my home, it usually comes from a key piece. Whether it be fabric or wallpaper, rugs or a color, something needs to ground your design and inspire the compilation of the space. For Kai’s sweet room that was the wallpaper. Everything hangs on it’s color scheme and pattern. We found the wall color by matching samples to the wallpaper. Once you have your foundation, everything else falls into place.

I usually sit in the space, pencil and paper in hand and sketch it out. It helps me figure out where furniture goes, without breaking my husbands back. This also helps me know what I’m looking for when I start the furniture hunt. I’m drawn to symmetry and clean aesthetic. I was a bit bummed I couldn’t do matching side tables on either side of the crib, the room size just wouldn’t allow for that. Once I know where things go, then the fun begins.




Caedmon’s nursery had some beautiful, meaningful art, handmade by the House of Belonging on Etsy. I knew I needed something from them for above Kai’s crib and that’s exactly what we got. The graphic letters add drama to a neutral wall. The mobile is handmade by me and my hubs. When I was ready to lose it (lets go with pregnancy hormones here) he stepped in and strung up my driftwood sailboats. Always calm to my storm and ground to my lofty ideas.


The rug and changing table were a steal from HomeGoods. Seriously. Stock that place when you’re looking for just the right thing.


The curtains are one of my favorite things in the entire space and my mom’s absolute favorite. They are from Anthropologie. They are pricey but I waited until there was a sale and free shipping. Be strategic and you can save a lot.

The wall shelf is from Potterybarn and jazzed up with some hand picked treasures. I hand made the little pottery shadow art after picking up those sweet animal bowls on an outing to nearby Concord. I hot glued them to a box I found on sale at Michaels. If you look too closely around the little bowls you’ll see the holes that spell “Merry Christmas”. See, all things can be repurposed, even holiday clearance.


When planning this space my husband about had a heart attack when I told him I needed a glider. He said, “I’ll just go into Cade’s room, pick it up and plop it in the new babies’ room.” I protested because sweet Cade, still my baby, sits in that chair every night and reads his nighttime stories. I knew the new baby was going to be an adjustment since he surprised even us and they are a bit closer in age than I expected. I was not about to steal his glider for the new babies room. So we went with a “budget” option from Home Decorators Collection. Once again, I ordered fabric samples and matched it to the wallpaper, my foundation.

I wanted a reading nook just like Cade had and am still playing around with that space. After having difficulty putting up tiny shelves from Ikea because the old plaster wall is so terrible, I opted for a stand alone one from Potterybarn. The only problem was our baseboard is SO high and thick that it didn’t sit flush against the wall. We (by that I mean HE) used a jigsaw to notch out a portion of the base so it sits flush.



The Alphabet art was another DIY project and I’m really happy with it. I bought the linen pinboard from Target and cut out the alphabet letter by hand from fabric samples I had. Time consuming but the final project is lovely.

Photography by Ruth Eileen Photography


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