A Grateful Heart

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Gratitude. What a topic for a mommaheart to write about. Especially a mommaheart who didn’t always know she’d get to be a momma. I mean shouldn’t I be falling on my face daily thanking the Lord I actually get


The Start of the School Years


We’ve got transitions coming. You know, the kind that make you take a deep breath and stare in wonderment. And it has kind of snuck up on us, while at the same time, been a long time coming. We’ve


A Curious Case of Nearsightedness

So this last week was a doozy. We got back from California at 11:30pm last Sunday night and I signed Cade up for his first Vacation Bible School at our church for the following morning. I’m not quite sure


Construction Legs – The 4th Set of Prosthetics

I can’t believe this little boy is now in his 4th set of below the knee prosthetics. Today is day one and he is running around like he didn’t just magically grow over an inch and two shoe sizes bigger …

What do you say?

Sweet boy. Today you are exactly 1 month away from turning 3. You are inquisitive and lovely. The questions roll in all day. Questions about the sky and trains. Questions about things that make you chuckle. We have a …

Marching Towards Grace

It’s been a long time since we update our sweet Cade’s blog. He is in the same set of legs as the last time we chatted although new ones are in the works. Truth is, we’ve been up to  …

Here Comes My Friend

He is not marked by the flippant word. He knows no hurt in his heart yet. He freely loves and welcomes all, seeing only the benefit of their coming.

I swallow hard. Steel myself. Hope I can give grace …

Adventure Won


I sat holding the monster legs in my hands. They’re beaten up. Scuffed. Grooved. Marred. They are time worn gloriousness which means fun was had. Adventure won. It means we didn’t sit still. We didn’t stay put. We didn’t stay …

A Fickle Momma Heart

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. And I’ve been mulling it over. What do I want for Mother’s Day? My husband has been asking. He may be deathly afraid of screwing it up after the Kai tsunami. And he’s not …

Momma Get Stronger

 Today I tried to do something for myself. I stood in front of the mirror and gave myself a little pep talk. Which went something like this: “Jackie. You’ve got this. They’re just kids. They aren’t going to kill you.