Finding lovely started with the hope of living with intention and inspiring creativity in myself and others. It started during a exhausting season of baby colic and toddler woes, in which I decided (for my sanity) to pour my heart into the purposeful act of choosing to see lovely all around, seeing it in my home, seeing it in my babies, seeing it in others and the spaces they call home.

In Spring 2015 we purchased this grand old lady. Built in 1879 in Wellesley, Massachusetts, she needed some love and we’re pouring that in to her. A California girl in a very New England place, our home is an inspiration of west coast calm, layers of textures, neutrals, ocean hues, and windows, windows, windows. I’m enjoying the journey to aesthetically pleasing spaces, spaces I feel inspire to raise my babies and love our community. Clearly that’s a work in progress and not a single room is done (is it ever!). Join us as we go room by room, project by project and adventure to adventure, finding the lovely.