Welcome friends! Finding lovely started with the hope of living with intention and inspiring creativity in myself and others. It began during an exhausting season of baby colic and toddler woes, in which I decided (for my sanity) to pour my heart into the purposeful act of choosing to see lovely all around, seeing it in my home, seeing it in my babies, seeing it in others and the spaces they call home. Naming what is good can go a long way to pulling you through some hard days.

My new husband and I moved to Boston in 2008 so I could complete a clinical internship and masters degree in nutrition from Boston University. A few years later, we walked through infertility and all those woes, having our first son in 2014 through IVF. At 12 weeks pregnant he was diagnosed with Fibular Hemimelia. Although far from the journey I thought I’d have, it is perfect and good because we chose to define “good” in light of eternity and God’s grace. He has bilateral below the knee prosthetics and is a great gift. You can read all about his story and my momma heart moments here on this blog because there’s lovely there.

In Spring 2015, unknowingly pregnant with our surprise 2nd son, (funny how those things work!) we purchased a fixer upper. Built in 1879 in Wellesley, Massachusetts, she needed some love and we’re pouring that in to her. A California girl in a very New England place, our home is an inspiration of west coast calm, layers of textures, neutrals, ocean hues, and windows, windows, windows. I’m enjoying the journey to pretty spaces–spaces I feel inspire to raise my babies and love our community. Join us as we go room by room, project by project and adventure to adventure, finding the lovely.

If you see something you’d like please reach out. I’d love to help you reach your dreams, whether it’s event planning in the Boston area or e-design services. Let’s chat.

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