Our home is in a suburb of Boston, a lovely little town called Wellesley. It has a quaint center, great restaurants, a commuter train into the city and quiet, tree lined streets. The stuff little girls dreams are made of and not just that, historical homes. Homes that are begging for love. We are firm believers in modernizing these lovely spaces, NOT tearing them down. Don’t even think about it. There is too much potential, too much history to sacrifice that for extra square footage.

This lovely home is known as the Hezekiah-Fuller house. Built in 1879, at almost 2800 sq feet it is not ginormous, rather comfortable and adequate.

We are currently in the middle of an addition / remodel, mainly to have an attached garage, mudroom for dirty little feet, master suite and an upstairs laundry. You can check the Woodlawn Avenue Remodel tab or here.

We have three floors, all with high ceilings. And when we first walked through it, on that cold, snowy day in March 2015, I just knew it had potential. Every room was a different color. And not good colors: yellows, blues, greens…the dining room was pink. And had a hole in the floor. You could see right down to the basement. Apparently there use to be a buzzer under the owners table and you could buzz your maid in the kitchen. We don’t have one of those and I wasn’t about to let my hubs press a button to summons me.

My husband thought to himself, “phew. Dogged a bullet here. She’s never going to want this place after seeing the fish tile and mold in the bathroom.” I hopped in the car and said, “I totally want this place.” And the rest was history. Welcome to our project. Whether it was stupidity or providence, we’re glad you’re here and hope you stay awhile.


The “before” with cute baby model, Cade 14 month old. Look at those floors!

Eek. The

Eek. The “before” shot into the dining room. I told you it was pink!